Trustworthy Subdivision Surveying

Complete Subdivision Mapping

Subdivision surveying can be a daunting task. But it won't be when you have an experienced subdivision surveying professional by your side. At Daniel H. Elder Land Surveyor, we can handle your subdivision surveying from start to finish.

Whether it’s simply two lots or 50 lots, we can handle everything from permitting and consultation, to planning and zoning boards. You can also count on us to handle Adirondack Park Agency letters and permits, other agency letters or permits, and also find the right professionals to complete both the planning and construction if needed.

We Can Handle Subdivisions of All Sizes

Trust us to take care of all subdivisions, small or large. While a smaller subdivision needs minimal time and is comparable to a boundary survey in terms of time and money, a larger subdivision may need certain planning, drafting, and construction.
construction site

Our Subdivision Surveying Services

  • Permitting
  • Consultations
  • Planning and zoning boards
  • Planning and construction
Call us today for a FREE consultation on our subdivision surveying services.

We have 19 years of experience providing quality surveying services.

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