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Your Trusted and Experienced Surveyors 

Are you looking to buy a residential property? Make sure you have an experienced land surveyor by your side who can perform a complete mortgage or boundary survey to identify possible problems with the property.

Turn to Daniel H. Elder Land Surveyor for all your boundary and mortgage survey needs. Check out the complete range of our services:
  • Title survey (ALTA / ACSM)
  • Mortgage survey
  • Plot plan
  • Certified survey

Learn More About Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is to establish the boundaries of a parcel of land. Count on us to mark the property corners and set any that may be missing. We also make the boundary lines and map the property with all the required information.

We also provide full survey, which involves re-establishing the property corners (setting corners if needed), marking these corners, locating all visible features on the property (driveways, utility lines, buildings, etc.), then drawing a map showing all the features located and how the boundaries were established. The map is then certified to the owner (or client) and if required, to other parties. We cater to the requirements of the client and don't give you more or less than you ask.

Title and Mortgage Surveys

Title and mortgage surveys are full surveys that are additionally certified, usually to a bank or mortgage company, title company, and sometimes to new owners. We also complete plot plans, which are typically used to locate property features for construction purposes.
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Let Us Handle Your Boundary Disputes

Depend on our experienced and competent professionals to handle all your boundary disputes. We have a rich experience handling boundary line dispute surveys and, at times, have also defended our findings in a court of law.
Call us today for a FREE consultation on our boundary survey services.

Do you have a dispute with your neighbor regarding the property line? We can do a boundary survey to establish this line as per the title deeds.

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